Wealth Breakthroughs: Financial Documentary Series Features Over 40 of the World’s Wealthiest to Reveal Life-Changing Breakthroughs

Here are the important dates for the Wealth Breakthrough financial docuseries.

The World Premiere is July 7 – July 21, 2020. The Series Episode 1 Live Date is July 21, 8:00 pm Eastern.

The Wealth Breakthrough series will air one new episode live per day for the next 10 days after July 21, 2020.

It has been recently revealed that 46 of the world’s richest and widely known wealth experts will be joining forces to educate consumers on how to grow their wealth. With each unique experience comes a lesson to be learned. These have been compiled in a nine-part video series called Wealth Breakthroughs.

According to the official presentation, individuals will be informed on how to work smart rather than working hard. In fact, this experience will teach one to look beyond the dollar value and place equal emphasis on their goals, mindsets, and sense of purpose among others. That said, the following is a brief summary on what to expect of Wealth Breakthroughs.

What is Wealth Breakthroughs?

Wealth Breakthroughs is a free, nine-part video series where individuals will be introduced to some of the top millionaires, entrepreneurs, and investors to name a fraction. This is deemed a chance to get familiar with the different approaches that experts have taken in order to build their own wealth.

Here is a teaser video from the Wealth Breakthroughs financial docuseries:

What will I learn from Wealth Breakthroughs?

Through this series, individuals can expect to attain financial freedom and live their life as they please. Other potential benefits include:

  • Learning to take control over one’s finances rather than the other way around
  • Coming to terms with the fact that money can be made easily
  • A secret weapon that could help to pile one’s money

Who is Apart of Wealth Breakthrough Financial Docuseries?

Some of the popular faces that individuals will see and hear from include Kevin Harrington, James Altucher, Garret Gunderson and Kim Kiyosaki. These professionals will enlighten individuals on how to find innovative ideas, the role technology and mindset play in building wealth, and why viewing debt as an antagonist is limiting one from achieving their potential respectively.

Here is a full look at all the decorated speakers making an appearance in the Wealth Breakthrough series:

  • AARON KENNARD – Passive Income Coach
  • ADAM BARRATA – Author & Co-Founder of Advantage Gold
  • ALAN AKINA – CEO & Co-Founder of 101 Financial
  • ALAN KNUCKMAN – 25 Year Market Floor Veteran
  • ALEXANDER GREEN- Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club
  • ANDY SNYDER – Founder of Manward Press
  • ANDY TANNER – Author, Investor & Entrepreneur
  • ANN WILSON – Founder of The Wealth Chef
  • BRIAN PAGE – Founder of BNB Formula

  • CARL ALLEN – Entrepreneur and Investor
  • DAVE BLANCHARD – CEO of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute
  • DEAN GRAZIOSI – Entrepreneur and NYT Best-Selling Author
  • ERIK VAN HORN – Founder of Franchise Secrets
  • GARRETT GUNDERSON – 25 Year Market Floor Veteran

  • GEORGE GILDER – Founder of Discovery Institute, Investor, and Author
  • GREG GUENTHNER – Chief Trading Expert at Seven Figure Publishing

  • JAMES ALTUCHER – Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, and Podcaster

  • JAMES RICKARDS – Lawyer, Speaker, and Precious Metal Experts.
  • JASON KATZENBACK – CEO & Co-Founder of Amazing.com
  • MICHAEL MCCLARY – CPO of Amazing.com
  • JEFF WALKER – Founder & CEO of Internt Alchemy Inc.
  • KENNETH POLCARI – Sr. Market Strategist at SlateStone Wealth

  • KEVIN HARRINGTON – Founder of Harrington Enterprises and Original Shark from Shark Tank

  • KIM KIYOSAKI – Founder of Rich Woman

  • KRISSTINA WISE – Founder of Wealthy Wellthy


  • MARC LICHTENFELD – Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club
  • MARCO SANTARELLI – Founder & CEO of Norada Real Estate Investments and Podcaster
  • MATTHEW CARR – Chief Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club
  • MICHAEL BERNOFF – Founder of Humans Communications Institute
  • NOMI PRINS – Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Journalist.
  • PATRICK GENTEMPO – Revealed Films leader, chiropractor by trade, respected health and wellness content creator

  • RAY BLANCO – Editor at Seven Figure Publishing

  • RICHARD SCHEFREN – Founder of Strageic Profits

  • RICK SAPIO – Entrepreneur and CEO of a Financial Holding Company
  • SCOTT STEWART – Investor
  • TIM SYKES – Penny Stock Trader
  • TOM WHEELWRIGHT – Best Selling Author and CPA
  • VERNE HARNISH – Author of Scaling Up and Founder of Entrepreneurs Assocaition
  • VISHEN LAKHIANI – Founder of MindValley
  • ZACH SCHEIDT – Chief Income Expert at St. Paul Research

How to watch the Wealth Breakthroughs Film?

To listen in on what others have done to make a name for themselves, individuals have been encouraged to enter their first name and email address here. While the exact details regarding the virtual event is unclear at the moment, more details are soon approaching.

Ultimately, Wealth Breakthroughs is deemed a series for anyone looking to establish a positive relationship with money. In fact, a number of steps will be revealed, both hands-on and mentally, and need mastering so that one can easily make money. To find out more regarding this event, visit here.